Is Your Bathroom On Trend In 2016?

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Aug 02
Bridge Discount Bathroom Trends for 2016


Household Bathrooms Are Changing.

Often one of the smallest rooms in a house, the bathroom was historically very basic and as “functional” as possible.

They have always been a necessity more than anything else, would you agree?.

Yet, with the growing interest in DIY shows, renovation series and more, every room in a home is becoming an extension of the owner’s personal style and personality.

This now extends to the bathroom. Bathrooms are getting bigger and becoming more of a statement piece rather than just a place to shower and shave!

Some see it as a personal haven, a room to escape to.

Now, this depends a lot on budget of course and your personal choice.

Most of our Bridge Discount Team tend to lean towards a more neutral style bathroom that can stand the test of time. Mixing it up with different decor to suit the times.

If your budget is limitless, the options really are endless!

With many people visiting our store and shopping online for their latest bathroom projects, we decided to share with our customers what the popular bathroom trends are for this year.

This is what we found:

  • Boutique-style bathrooms 
  • Shine On
  • Double Act
  • Finishing touches 
  • Scandinavian style
  • Palatable brassware
  • Blurred Lines
  • Colourful tiling
  • Black & White
  • Visual Impact:
  • Geometrics Texture
  • Soft and Natural
  • Hot metal
  • Non-white sanitaryware
  • Handmade and rustic
  • Large and luxurious


Check out these sources for more information on staying on trend for 2016.​

We hope this gives you some inspiration and tips on what you could do to update your existing bathroom or in designing your new one.

Don’t forget you can come visit us at our store (if you are in Hallifax), or better yet, shop online on Ebay for our Bathroom bargains that may just help your bathroom be on trend in 2016.

Til next time,  from all of us at Bridge Discounts, enjoy your beautiful bathroom.

Maybe take a bath.  "Soak away your troubles with some bubbles”.


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