How To Keep Your Shower Scum-Free (with very little effort)

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Oct 18


How To Keep Your Shower Scum-Free (with very little effort!)

Imagine, this - you have recently renovated your bathroom, or possibly just updated your shower.  Either way, you are in love!

It is sparkling clean without a single drop of soap scum, no grotty Little Miss or Master finger prints and the base of it is shining so bright you can almost see your reflection.  

So how on earth are you going to keep it looking so pretty? 

In a recent post, we shared how to clean your bathroom easily without harsh chemicals.

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However, if you want to keep your shower clean every single day, without getting out all your cleaning products, then this is for you.

Because, let's be honest, who REALLY enjoys cleaning the shower? 

If the shower is not kept clean regularly, it soon becomes one of those "it can wait" jobs. (a bit like the kitchen oven!), would you agree?

So, you have two choices:  

1. Never use it.  The kids can take a bath or hose them down instead. ;); or

2. Create a homemade shower spray that is sure to keep that shower scum-free inbetween the regular, or not so regular cleaning days. ‚Äč

For the purpose of this blog post, let's choose option 2.  :)

So, how can you keep your shower scum-free, with very little effort? 

With thanks to Little Glow, here is an amazing home-made recipe you can use to make a shower spray and keep the spray bottle hanging over your shower rail. 

Here is what you are going to need: 

  1. Twenty (20) drops of Tea Tree Oil
  2. Two (2) teaspoons of Dish-washing liquid (not containing castile)
  3. Two (2) Cups of Distilled White Vinegar.
  4. A good quality spray bottle


Using a funnel, combine all the ingredients into the spray bottle. That's it!

The vinegar and tea tree oil work extremely well together to keep mould and mildew away, and the soap with the vinegar, lifts away any soap scum. But,  as explained in Little Glow's blog, if you are a little sensitive to strong smells, then pop the fan on, or open a window. 

Keep your spray bottle hanging over the rail (away from little hands) and give the shower a quick spray every day before you jump out of the shower and start your day. 

Bonus Tip

For deep cleans, keep a microfibre cloth and toothbrush nearby so when it is time to clean, simply use your spray, leave it to sit for a few minutes and scrub, then wipe clean where necessary. 

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