8 Simple Storage Ideas For A Small Family Bathroom

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Jun 21
8 Simple Storage Ideas For A Small Bathroom

8 Simple Storage Ideas For A Small Family Bathroom.

If you don't have a big bathroom, good things can certainly still come in small packages!  It's how you make it feel and look that counts.

And when bathrooms are concerned, good storage is a must! Especially when you have gone to the trouble of updating or renovating your bathroom. And further, if it’s a family bathroom or one likely to be used by guests regularly.

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than attempting to put your makeup on or finding there is no storage for your toiletries. Storage really is a must!

Now, before you renovate your bathroom, using the actual space in the wall frame is a very clever way to create more storage in your bathroom. It has been done very cleverly here in this image:

Image from: springwoodpaper.com

However, if using existing space in the walls isn’t an option for you, here are 8 simple storage ideas for a small family bathroom to create more storage in your bathroom, 


Add a shelf above the sink for those things you use everyday- toothbrush and toothpaste, perfumes, soap etc and dress them up with pretty decor that ties in with your bathroom colours or perhaps even adds a pop of colour or personality to your bathroom

Image from: mybedmybath.com


Shelving above your toilet. This space is often overlooked but you can really create a lovely space here that doesn’t clutter up the bathroom or ensuite. Try a simple basket to hold reading materials or toiletries to even a sleek medicine cabinet that holds all your bathroom bits and bobs but blends in with the wall of your bathroom.

Image from: safarimp.com


Spice racks (yes you read right!) - spice racks on your walls to organise makeup or your teenage daughter’s cleansing regime! It has them off the floor or sink area and provides easy access. You can even add a hook to the side of one for a blow dryer or much needed hair irons. ;)

Image from: homedit.com


Individual towel racks on the back of the bathroom door? You can potentially hang more towels than an ordinary towel rack and they are hidden from view for the most part. Perfect!

Image from drawhome.com


How about above your door? This small space could be set up to house items that arent needed so often from coloured hair spray for dress up days for the kids, to spare rolls of loo paper. Whatever works for you and your family’s needs. :)

Image from: bathroominspiration.net


Install an extra curtain rod along the shower wall and use hanging caddies for every family members shampoo, conditioner and body wash. No more mess on the shower floor!

Image from: Pinterest


Purchase some simple and easy to use storage drawers that can fit inside your bathroom cabinet. Invest in some simple drawers of different sizes that can hold all things from hair brushes and cotton wool, to towels and hairdryers. Further, you can add slimline wire racks or even hooks to the inside cabinet door.

Image fro: justdiydecor.com


Installing a medicine cabinet behind a mirror above your sink or on the wall, is a great way to add extra storage and keep things away from little hands too!  

You could even consider our very own Niche Double Mirrored Cabinet LQ387 available in store or on Ebay here.

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Ok I know I said 8, but here is an extra cheeky storage idea for your small bathroom. 


If you just need more hooks for extra towels or to hang your clothes, then consider installing coat hangers instead. They will take up less space and can be used in a variety of ways.

Image from: Pinterest

So there you have it! 8 simple storage ideas for a small family bathroom (okay, 9!) 

Til next time, we hope you enjoyed these and that they provided you some inspiration for finding some storage solutions for your small family bathroom.  

From everyone at Bridge Discounts.​

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