5 Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without An Expensive Renovation

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Oct 31
5 Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without An Expensive Renovation

5 Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without An Expensive Renovation

At Bridge Discounts, we are all about offering great discounts for our customers.  How can we help people save money, without losing out on quality?

Today we would love to share with you some ways you can update your bathroom without having to go all out and fully renovate it.

Not only will it save you money, but it will be less disruptive to the family and save you a lot of time as well.  And time really is something we all want more of, wouldn't you agree? 

So, even though it may not be all that you are after for you and your bathroom,  they do say that a change is as good as a holiday, and with the savings made, with these 5 simple ways to update your bathroom without an expensive renovation, you and your family may be able to take a holiday with the savings!

Now, that is one great way to look at it!

By updating and introducing some new decor and fittings into your bathroom, it will almost feel like brand new.  Let's get to work!  And what better way to do this, than by using our very own products from in-store in Hallifax, and our online Ebay store. 

1. Update your Tap fittings: 

Such a simple update can make such a difference to your bathroom.  From old and tired, to shiny and new, literally.  

Check out our store to see if any of these designs tickle your fancy. 

2.  Replace a tired full wall mirror with a new free hanging mirror, or mirror with storage. 

Let's be honest, you don't really need a mirror to cover an entire wall! But it does serve a purpose to reflect light.  However, if you need more wall space for storage, a clever and inexpensive way to update your bathroom, is to purchase or make your own beautiful hanging mirror.  Check out this blog over at at www.inspirationseek.com  for some amazing mirrorspiration.

Oval Bathroom Mirror over at www.inspirationseek.com 

Bridge Discounts Sell Mirrors Too!

3. Paint The Walls And Make them Pop

A lick of paint does wonders!  And what we have recently discovered is to not only paint your walls, but consider painting half the walls!  Forget a feature wall, and enter half wall features. It not only looks elegant but it help makes small rooms look bigger.  Check out this beautiful bathroom below, with the walls painted half way in Dulux Domino.  

Click through to the blog over at www.houzz.com.au for inspiration on how you can make your bathroom walls pop.

Don't forget to check out Pinterest too for loads of inspiration on decorating your bathroom with half painted walls. .

4.  Replace your Vanity.  

Making this one small change, will make such a difference to your bathroom.  This may not be the easiest or the cheapest option, but it will really change the whole feel of your bathroom immediately.  Check out our latest vanities currently available in store.

Vanities Available In Store Now.

Vanities Available In Store Now

5. Decorate With New Decor.

Some simple decorating of your bathroom to bring it some new life, can make such a impact and change to your bathroom.  We just love what they shared over at  www.diyready.com,  from mason jar storage to reclaimed wood signage and tool hooks.  Check it out for loads of ideas to update your bathroom decor.

You can find loads of products from your local homewares and discounts store.  You just need a little creativity and some time to make these simple changes to update your bathroom. 

via www.oldhousetonewhome.com

So there you have it!  And this is just 5 simple ways to update your bathroom without an expensive renovation.  There are so many more! 

From cheap vinyl flooring, to new lighting and replacing shower curtains. Try 2,not 1!  

But now it is your turn.  Share with us in the comments below your ideas on how you can update your bathroom without an expensive renovation.   Sharing is caring! :)

From everyone at Bridge Discounts, thank you for reading.​

Til next time, we hope you enjoyed these and that they provided you some inspiration for finding simple ways to update your bathroom without an expensive renovation.

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Angela 1st November 2016

Loved the dark colour on the bathroom wall. Usually only like white but this is so different!

    bridgediscounts 1st November 2016

    Thanks Angela! I felt the exact same way. Amazing what a different approach to painting can make. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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