14 Simple Hacks To Create A Family Friendly Bathroom

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Sep 20
Family Friendly Bathroom

14 Simple Hacks To Create A Family Friendly Bathroom.

Bathrooms are a big deal in any home. And they are fast becoming one of the most designed and trendy rooms in the house. Add a few children to the mix and it becomes one uber important room.

So, what makes a bathroom family friendly you may be asking…Well, from size to water safety, there is a lot to consider when creating a family friendly bathroom.

Check out this list below and see how you and your family bathroom measures up!

1.  Lower Mirrow On The Wall. 

Our little ones need to get used to using a mirror for all things from brushing teeth to combing their hair. If you can’t install a low mirror, consider hanging an extra mirror on the back of the door or use a small hook to hang one on the wall.  Complete with a suction basket to hold their own bathroom essentials. This will be their special bathroom space that may encourage your little ones at bed-time and enhance their coordination of these important life skills.

2. A Low Cabinet Or Drawer For Little Hands.

We don’t like to bend down too much, that doesn’t mean a cabinet with lower drawers or cupboards can’t be put to good use. Even consider open shelving to create a family friendly bathroom as then things can be found, and hopefully put away a lot easier as they are in plain site.

3. Avoid Accidents With Non-slip Flooring.

Safety first, always. However, floors specially covered in non-slip finishes can be harder to clean. You could always install smaller tiles with more grout as this will be less slippy.  Or if the thought of this doesn’t stick, then consider a funky non-slip mat. It can add a splash of colour to the room too!

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4. Avoid Hanging Around With A High Towel Rail, Or No Rail At All.

Fix your towel rails higher up the wall to avoid children using your designer towel rail as the monkey bars (we’ve all had that happen have we not!) You can still make the towels reachable, just not the rails.

Or better yet, add lots of hooks at different heights, for all ages and stages in the family. They are easier for children to hang up their towels too. 

In this image, this clever mother took it one step further.

(Courtesy:​ http://www.sugarbeecrafts.com/2012/01/bathroom-hook-organization.html

5. Step It Up With A Safe Stool

From the independent toddler stage right up to school age, the step stool is a must have. However, some can create higher risks rather than provide a safety measure, so ensure you purchase a sturdy, safe variety, or better yet, get one built in to your new vanity. It can blend right in as if it were a low drawer. Some can even be built to turn into a drawer once the stool days are over.

6. Liquid Soap All Way.

This one is a no-brainer. Much easier and cleaner too! Can be utilised by all the family and keeps your bathroom sink cleaner. 

7. To Lever Or Not To Lever?

Changing your taps over to a lever is not only a much safer choice but easier to use for all stages in life. For little hands stretching their way to turn the taps on, it is easier to reach and turn on, if you just can’t quite reach the taps. And with it a challenge to get little hands washed at the best of times, we say let's make it as easy as possible. 

8. Instant Gas Hot Water Service For Warm Showers No Matter How Many Family Members.

Worth every penny if it’s an option in your home. This can deter many unnecessary burn accidents in your family bathroom and reduce your stress level at the same time!

9. Adjustable Shower Head For All Sizes.

This is a beauty and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. This can help with many things when little people are showering, from saving water to keeping hair dry if necessary. They can promotes independence at shower time too - yay to that!

10. A Timer. It's Worth A Try!

Ok, so this may be wishful thinking more than anything, but installing a timer helps your children learn to conserve water and take shorter showers – we hope! It can help with the never ending bickering at shower times too as they know exactly how long they really have been in the shower.

11. Colour Coded Towels May Do The Trick.

It doesn’t have to look like a mismatch mess, but providing each person with their own coloured towels and shower cloths can reduce arguments and possibly even the amount of washing. Everyone has their own colour to use and it can even add to the look and vibe of the bathroom, using colours that complement one another and add some colour to your family bathroom.

12. Double Up To Share The Load.

If you have the space, double up on your basin space. Consider either a really big trough like basin, or install two. The more you can safely fit into your bathroom during the morning rush, the better! 

13. Hamper Up Or Chute It Down.

You need a dirty laundry hamper or basket in your bathroom! This is often overlooked and rarely do you find the space, but if you can, include this whenever possible. A laundry chute as part of the vanity would be ideal and no more clothes thrown on the floor to be tripped over or soaked at bath time.

14. Take No Risks! Childproof Where Necessary.

Again, it is a matter of safety first, always. For the small amount of time and cost it takes to childproof your cupboards and sharp edges, make the time. Remember it is temporary as your little ones will soon be bigger ones and then the trick then will be getting them to put things away in the bathroom; not getting into them.

So how did you rank? Does your bathroom cut it in the family-friendly department? If not, we hope these 14 simple hacks to create a family friendly bathroom helps you and your family out.

If you think it could do with some upgrades, feel free to check out our very own eBay Store for a spot of Online Shopping.  You may find yourself just the thing to help create a family friendly bathroom!

Til next time, we hope you enjoyed reading 14 simple hacks to create a family friendly bathroom.

From everyone at Bridge Discounts.​

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