10 Fab Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Aug 16

10 Fab Small Bathroom Design Ideas.

It can be very challenging when working with a small space, in any room.

And when it comes to your bathroom, there is a lot to consider. It is certainly a design you have to get right!  In terms of how it looks visually and the all important functionality of the room.

So we have listed below, 10 fab small bathroom design ideas that create space in a small bathroom.  Without taking away everything needed in this all important room in your house.

1.  A Wall Mounted Toilet.

This would be the first thing to do to add space to your small bathroom. Adding a wall mounted toilet is possible if you have space in the walls of your small bathroom to wall mount your toilet.

It saves both floor space and provides legroom when using a wall mounted toilet.

2. A Frameless Glass Shower Panels.

Now this certainly helps add the illusion of space. And there is nothing worse than a sticky shower curtain is there! So swap your shower curtain to a frameless glass panel instead. They are easy to install and are perfect for the small bathroom. Swapping a curtain for a glass panel will also allow more light into your shower or tub.

3. A Curbless Shower.

This is a fantastic way to give your small bathroom the illusion of more space. With a curbless shower, the bathroom flooring can continue right into it.  You can even include a concealed or infinity-edge drain for a clean, continuous look. 

4. Floating Vanity and Small Sink.

We believe this is a fantastic way to add space to a small bathroom. Wall mounted sinks save floor space and can make your small bathroom appear bigger. Also look for narrow washbasin designs so you have more space on your benchtop.

5. A Mirrored Wall.

Adding a mirror across an entire wall can double the look and feel of your small bathroom. Consider one above your vanity or along one side of a narrow bathroom. As mirrors are also great at reflecting light, you may also get more lighting from your light fixtures or windows.

6. A Sliding Door.

This is not something often considered. However, this would be one of the biggest space saving ideas for a small bathroom. Change your swing hanging door, for a sliding door. You will need to open up your wall to create the pocket for the sliding door, however the space gained by doing so may well be worth it! This will give you more options when designing the layout of your small bathroom as well.

7. Feature Wall

This small bathroom idea works great. It is not only great to make your bathroom look bigger, but if you want to add a splash of colour to the room as well. Place the feature wall on the back wall, either on the whole wall or a thick section. You can do this with paint or a fun colourful tile. This will give your room depth and interest without overdoing it.

8. Shelving: On Wall AND In Wall.

Storage solutions have become quite savvy. Just because the room is small, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice too much storage space. Consider shelving on AND in the walls. Choose a mirrored medicine cabinet above your sink, add shelving above the toilet, or even above the entry door.

You could even consider our very own Niche Double Mirrored Cabinet LQ387 available in store or on Ebay here.

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9. Use Colour As An Illusion.

With small bathrooms, it is all about the colour. Use dark flooring with lighter walls to reflect more light and make your bathroom feel more spacious. If you want to use dark colours, these are best used on the floor, if at all. Better to keep the colour scheme as light as possible. Also try and match the flooring of the bathroom to that outside of it to create a seamless look as you enter your bathroom.

10. Lose The Bath! 

We have saved the most controversial and least fab idea to last. It is really a personal choice and depends on your family as to whether this one is an option. It is true, bathtubs take up twice the amount of floor space than showers. But, you don’t want to remove the bath and live to regret it as that could be one expensive change to make later on.

If it is an option, it will most certainly open up your small bathroom significantly. However, if you have children and you need to keep the bath for bathing them, then keep it but consider a lower profile tub. The lower height makes getting in and out easier and it will make your room feel more open as well.

We hope you enjoyed reading 10 Fab Small Bathroom Design Ideas.

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From everyone at Bridge Discounts.​

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